A Flickr Fav

This is one of my more higher viewed pictures from my flickr account.

Model - Brittany Daniels
Strobist - On camera 1/128 (Nikon Commander Mode), SB-600 1/2 through white umbrella
Lighting Info - Flash directly above camera, straight on




White Wall Admiration

Just a white wall and some flash can be so great. I also like the washed out over exposed look.




One of my favorite brands, BAPE now teamed with some pretty wild stuff.


Ben Chau

A fellow Flickr member, Ben Chau always has interesting portraits with the use of strobes and the famous beauty dish. He is also REALLY cool because he likes to share his set ups and how he captured what you see. Something you seldom see in the game today, people are usually secretive about their setups! His work is always clean and cool in color tones, something I really admire. AND though I usually hate large amounts of post processing, his stuff shines though with some solid skills and a level head. It not only improves the picture, but it doesn't take over and create a fake dramatic look like most photoshop heads. His work is something to look out for, hes going places.

Click for his Flickr

Ideall Clothing | Toronto Canada



Drakes unstoppable

Me in action at Roche, DC

Pics by Kevin Trinh with 7D, and canon 28mm 1.8

On the way up to DC

Ian Roche and I reviewing the shot

Me reviewing

Ian getting the lighting just right, me on the latter!

Gotta love the sigma 10-22mm and Nikon Commander mode!


DJ murdock ( Jay Martinez )

I have been following DJ Murdock's pics for a while on car forums and they always seem to pop up everywhere. I really like his perspective of LA and the upper level of the car scene out there (cough cough Phaze2).

His pics do the talking!

Click here for his flickr!


DC for the night. Roche Salon

My friend Ian Roche from DC asked if I would come up to do a shoot of his parents hair salons. He has 2 locations in DC and 1 was right around the corner from the White House. It was shoot for the website redesign done by my other friend Kevin Trinh. It was a great time and DC is an amazing city.

Here are some behind the scenes pics.

Kevin should have more with his 7D later.



I love when KRINK does anything, but this really caught my eye. A random combination, but the colors look really cool.

KRINK is the top name in ultra premium graffiti pens and is now doing all sorts of collaborations with other brands such as INCASE, Married to the MOB, Levi's jeans, Smith Snowboarding.

This is their latest colab:


Kyle Fuller

Kyle Fuller is rad, his work is so crisp and the lighting is always on point.

Hes a big fan of the strobes and the beauty dish. I need to look into this stuff!

Here is a link to his flickr. Check him out! CLICK

My top picks - Need Supply CO.

Winter stuff.

Midnight Bumber

Heavy Cowl Fleece

Vertical Stripe Fleece

Rockford Melton Jacket