Panning shots at VIR

Alright so I looked up how to attack these shots on my iphone while I was riding with Greg on our way to VIR this weekend. They are tricky! The whole long exposure and keeping fast moving cars in focus pretty much comes down to luck and a steady hand. It also sucked that the clouds were so random it went from light to dark every couple seconds it seemed like.

The trick is:
  • Low ISO (100-200ish)
  • High F stop (9-14)
  • Exposure at 1/60th to about 1/180th
  • Auto focus
  • Increasing the exposure bias helps too (I used +2.3 sometimes)
  • I used a 70-300mm


The white wall project - continued

Brittany and I came up with some cool ideas today. Just her in front of a white wall with a bad girl look, I called it the Danny Zuko from grease look. Pics have a strong flash/washed out feel. Only 1 flash and an umbrella.

Lenses are the nifty 50 and my 10-20mm sigma.

Flickr too!

Also, at the bottom are 2 other ideas we tried!



A little photoshoppin.

Paris: last year

This time last year i was in Paris with my family for 2 days. I did a lot of walking while I was there and it was hot, but when I look back I really miss it. I dont know any French and I dont like the food, but I would def go back!


Inspiration from another Blog

I have been following this high fashion/photography/art blog for about a month now and they always have the most interesting pictures. So Brittany and I tried to mimic one of the photos we saw on there. The blog is called "for the love of black" but there is always plenty of color.

Check out For The Love of Black

Here is the image that inspired us...

And heres my take..


Mike Pound Integra - For Sale

A couple more pics of my friend Mike Pound's Integra.


Quick snaps from when some friends and I were hanging out at this internet celebrities house in LA.


My great friend Brittany is always down for taking some pictures and trying to stuff out. Great thing too because she is very photogenic.

More/Higher Res/More Sizes

Friends, Street productions!

I took these all around Richmond one night. These are my friends Kyle and Colin, we just rode around for hours and found some of the sickest spots in the city.

More pics/Higher res/More sizes