Big Gig this weekend!

Taking pictures at this party with Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, Redrum thanks to my friend Lonnie!


Just walkin around my new neighborhood.


J Price's 636

Did some quick rolling shots with jprice this weekend.

Again, longer exposure, higher F stop, a little positive exposure bias. It was a little tricky since the sun was going down, alot of my pics came out super blurry. I dont know how some of these are in focus but they are!

Then did a little flash work in the parking lot with the sunset.


New shit comming soon!

Nikon d90! HD video.

look out for CSfilm soon.


Check out - Akira Ruiz

I found this photographer from a picture they took of a graffiti writer in NYC via the 12oz prophet blogs.


Very dark and urban pics, all with a very serious feel, yet very natural.