Panning shots at VIR

Alright so I looked up how to attack these shots on my iphone while I was riding with Greg on our way to VIR this weekend. They are tricky! The whole long exposure and keeping fast moving cars in focus pretty much comes down to luck and a steady hand. It also sucked that the clouds were so random it went from light to dark every couple seconds it seemed like.

The trick is:
  • Low ISO (100-200ish)
  • High F stop (9-14)
  • Exposure at 1/60th to about 1/180th
  • Auto focus
  • Increasing the exposure bias helps too (I used +2.3 sometimes)
  • I used a 70-300mm


  1. I refuse to believe these are the first time you've taken panning shots, they came out awesome!

  2. and don't forget autofocus or AI Servo, so it's always focusing on the subject :thumbsup:

  3. Thanks guys! These are my first panning shots!